The award in Hollywood!

27 September 2012

 "Haracters go to the movies" - a commercial for RealD created entirely in the Human Ark animation studio was given The Best 3D Commercial Award at the 3D Film Festival in Los Angeles!

The festival site

The movie was directed by the WAWPOL directors team (Kamil Polak and Wojtek Wawszczyk).

First "Zabka" commercial

22 August 2012

Amongst over 50 commercials I was somehow involved in the past year this one seemed as one of the most complex. Directed by WAWPOL (Kamil Polak & Wojtek Wawszczyk). Animation and VFX by Human Ark studio.

My directors reel 03/2012

22 August 2012

My directors reel from March 2012 - together with Kamil Polak.

Two new commercials 2/2

1 December 2011

And here's the second one! Directed by Wojtek Wawszczyk and Kamil Polak; animation and VFX by Human Ark studio.

Two new commercials 1/2

1 December 2011

Human Ark studio has recently completed two new commericals from the popular "Heart and Mind" series. Both were directed by me and Kamil Polak.

Behind the scenes of one of the most popular Polish commercial. The ad was produced by Human Ark studio from Warsaw. I supervised the character animation process.

Second commercial starring George the Hedgehog, directed by me.

First commercial starring George the Hedgehog. Animated parts were directed by me. Drawings: Tomek Leśniak and Olaf Ciszak.

 "George the Hedgehog" is being currently screened in all big Polish theaters! Reviews are fantastic, however lots of viewers seemes to be offended by the film - well, the movie wasn't meant to please all people.

In the meantime take a look at the third commercial starring popular Heart and Brain. I supervised animation on this one as well. Again, the commercial was produced in Human Ark Studio.

 Another commercial with Heart and Brain, made by a Warsaw-based studio HUMAN ARK. I supervised animation on this one.

Heart and Brain: Hysteria

19 February 2011

Here comes a new commercial with popular tv characters Heart and Brain, directed and animation supervised by me and Kamil Polak at Human Ark Studio.