First "Zabka" commercial

22 August 2012

Amongst over 50 commercials I was somehow involved in the past year this one seemed as one of the most complex. Directed by WAWPOL (Kamil Polak & Wojtek Wawszczyk). Animation and VFX by Human Ark studio.

Haracters are mascots of the Human Ark animation studio that I've been working at for more than a year. So I shot this crazy chairs banging man with a phone and then we added digital creatures so they could help him perform Polish "Happy Birthday" song.

My directors reel 03/2012

22 August 2012

My directors reel from March 2012 - together with Kamil Polak.

Finally! "George the Hedgehog" has recently won two very important prizes at huge international festivals! The Spirit Award at Brooklyn Film Festival in New York, US and the GRAND PRIX at the biggest Asian animated festival SICAF in Korea!!!